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Reminder Sync for Obsidian

Sync your Obsidian Tasks to MacOS!

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Reminders for Tasks

Reminder Sync scans your Obsidian Vault and creates native macOS Reminders for your Tasks.

Sync Across Devices

Reminders sync to your iPhone via iCloud so you always have them with you.

Tasks from Reminders

Create a Reminder in your synced List and it is synced to your Vault; Create Tasks from Siri or!

Enhanced Alerts

Create Reminders with additional alarms based on the Obsidian Task priority.

Deletion Support

Delete a synced Reminder to delete the Task from your Vault.


What format are Tasks imported in?

Reminder Sync for Obsidian parses the Tasks Emoji format, for example:
- [ ] This is an example supported task 📅 2025-01-31.

Do I need to purchase Pro?

No. Free users are able to Sync automatically once every 6 hours and can sync their Vault any time manually.

What happens when I edit a Synced Task?

On the next Sync the previously created Reminder will be deleted and a new one created with the new Task text.

What happens when I edit a Synced Reminder?

We recommend editing only in your Vault. Editing the Reminder will result in a new Reminder being created for the original Task and a new Task being created for the edited Reminder.

Can I create Tasks from Reminders?

Yes. If you create a Reminder in the synced Reminder list a matching Task is created in your Vault in the Reminder Sync Inbox note.

Can I manage Reminders on my iPhone?

Yes. uses iCloud so your synced Tasks will be available to complete on your iPhone.

Do I have to use Obsidian?

No. You can select any local directory and all Markdown documents inside will be scanned for Tasks. Due Dates must be in the Emoji format to be included.

What happens if I delete a Vault Task?

Once you delete a Task from your Vault the synced Reminder created for that Task is also deleted.

What happens if I delete a Reminder?

If enabled in settings the associated Task will be deleted from your Vault.

What happens when I complete a Task?

On the next Sync the associated Reminder's completion state will be updated.

What happens when I complete a synced Reminder?

If Reminder Sync is running, the associated Task is marked as completed immidiately.

Can I create Tasks with Siri?

Yes. Create a Reminder in the synced list with Siri and it will be added as a task to your Vault.

I want to make an App, can you help me?

Of course, Turquoise Hexagon is a Consultancy. Check out the homepage for details.