Reminder Sync for Obsidian Support


Install Reminder Sync for Obsidian from the App Store.

On first launch, follow the setup wizard to configure access to Reminders, your Vault Directory and the Reminder List you would like to use.

Screenshot of Setup Wizard in incomplete state
Screenshot of Setup Wizard in complete state

Once you have granted Reminders access, configured your Vault Location, and selected a Reminder list, click Next to continue setup.

To begin syncing your tasks turn on the Enable Syncing toggle:

Screenshot of Setup Wizard settings view


To configure Reminder Sync after initial setup is complete, click the icon in the menu bar and select settings:

Screenshot of Setup Wizard settings view

Configuration Options

Name Description
Sync Frequency How often your Obsidian Vault is checked for Tasks.
Enable Syncing Turn on to Sync your Tasks at the selected Sync Frequency.
Allow Deletes Controls behaviour when deleting a Reminder from your Synced list: if enabled when a Reminder is deleted the synced Task is also deleted from your Vault.
Skip Kanban If using with the Kanban Plugin, enable to exclude Kanban notes from syncs.
Global Task Filter Enable to set a global task filter for which Tasks are synced to Reminders.
Filter Text The filter text used by the Global Task Filter. E.g. if set to #task only Tasks containing the text #task will be synced to Reminders.
Due Tasks Only If enabled, only Tasks from your Obsidian Vault with a due date component are synced to your Reminders.
Smart Reminders Create additional alerts from the Reminders app based on Task priority and due date.
Launch at Login Runs Reminder Sync for Obsidian when you login.
Vault Location Click to select a new Obsidian Vault location.
Inbox Name Click to change the Note that new Reminders are synced to in your Vault.
Reminder List The Reminder list you would like to sync Obsidian Tasks to.


Clearing Cache

To rescan your entire Vault and rebuild your Reminder list press the Clear Cache button in the Settings menu.

Factory Reset

To reset all configuration options press the Factory Reset button in the Settings menu. Reconfigure Reminder Sync in the Settings menu or quit and relaunch to restart the Setup wizard.

Reminder Sync for Obsidian does not Start

If the App fails to start, delete all cached data and settings manually.

Open Finder:

Other Issues

Email remindersyncï¼ for further support.